PINO NATURAL SPA THERAPY offers comprehensive wellness concepts and rituals for spas worldwide. The PINO approach combines proven therapeutic applications and advanced wellness training with a range of natural products designed to satisfy the highest expectations for well-being. PINO has led the German spa industry in the areas of physiotherapy and massage for more than 100 years, and is now bringing its knowledge and experience to the rest of the world.

PINO NATURAL SPA THERAPY combines therapeutically proven treatments with the highest-quality professional products to offer sophisticated spa rituals. Profitable home-use retail products, designed to complement each treatment, extend the professional PINO NATURAL SPA THERAPY benefits and experiences beyond the spa.

PINO offers four main treatment categories: SOMALANCE treatments employ therapeutically proven body massage techniques and form the foundation of PINO NATURAL SPA THERAPY. CAREALANCE skin care treatments and special techniques focus on massage rituals for face, hands and feet. APILANCE and THERMALANCE treatments combine special massage techniques with heat therapy to provide a wide range of exclusive body benefits. The comprehensive PINO NATURAL SPA THERAPY treatment portfolio provides spa clients with an infinite array of options and optimum results.