active - balance - calm


High-quality, carefully selected extracts and essential oils produce sensuous aromatic journeys for spa clients. The natural ingredient blends produce three distinct moods:

active – energizing characteristics | balance – stabilizing characteristics | calm – relaxing characteristics

The specific combinations of natural ingredients in PINO Natural Spa Therapy products are of particular importance when seeking to create a specific mood. Using these three mood characteristics in coordination with existing holistic concepts allows you to offer customized therapies.



The combination of natural essential orange oil and lemongrass oil is characterized by an aromatic infusion of a subtly sweet and fresh citrus fragrance. Natural essential lemongrass oil promotes an invigorating and stimulating effect, counteracting feelings of exhaustion and fatigue. Both these distinctive ingredients activate body and mind when fatigued and evoke a positive mood.


Rich in beneficial ingredients, natural bamboo extract protects the skin, is particularly mild and gentle and gives the skin a smooth soft feeling. The natural essential lime oil has a refreshing and fortifying effect on the skin. The combination of essential lime oil and natural bamboo extract stimulates the body and mind and leaves behind an exotic freshness.


The refreshing, pleasant fragrance of the natural essential lemon oils invigorates the senses. This positive effect is strengthened by the natural essential mint oils, which due to their excellent activating properties, can have positive influence on the body. Both these distinctive ingredients revitalize body and mind and promote fresh energy.



Ginger extract has a long tradition in skin care. It stimulates and revitalizes dry, dull skin. The natural honey extract makes skin softer, smoother and evens out the complexion. The distinctive fragrance revitalizes with the appealing scent of “honey milk”, composed of various natural essential oils. This combination supports comfort for body and mind and imparts harmonious warmth.


The moisturizing benefits of coconut oil and coconut extract mingle with the freshness of mint in these skin smoothing formulas. This combination has a stabilizing effect on skin in need of care. The natural fragrance of coconut mint unites the exotic coconut with the invigorating mint essence. Both these distinctive ingredients ensure an exotic and particularly pampering experience.



The skin-caring natural wild rose oil and wild rose extract, with their valuable ingredients, are particularly suitable for stressed skin. The natural rose petal extract has a positive effect on sensitive skin as it tones and soothes. The natural rose fragrance consists of natural essential oils and absolutes, which result in a mellow, pleasant fragrance. These distinctive ingredients pamper the body and senses and promote inner harmony.


In addition to a pleasant fragrance, natural lavender oil has a soothing influence on the body and mind. Rosewood oil also supports this positive effect along with regenerating and fortifying properties. Both of these distinctive aromas relax and ease tension.