PINO ’s hypoallergenic Shea Bath Oil with vitamin-enriched sunflower oil, hydrating shea butter and protective Vitamin E improves skin elasticity. Natural emulsifiers help infuse skin with nourishment and moisture. Use this unscented formula alone, or combine it with PINO ’s Aroma Massage Oils for a fragrant, customized bathing experience.

PINO Whey Bath contains rejuvenating sweet whey, soothing goat’s milk and replenishing coconut milk. Skin emerges nourished, soft and smooth to the touch. Goat’s milk replenishes necessary minerals, proteins and vitamins, enzymes and high-quality lipids. Sweet whey contains vitamins, minerals, lactic acid and proteins. Coconut milk acts as a natural emulsion to deliver all of these skin-soothing benefits.