Edelweiss is an alpine plant, constantly exposed and vulnerable to the effects of the sun and weather conditions in the Alps. Yet it never fails to blossom in all its beauty. As queen of the alpine flowers, Edelweiss stands for vitality, beauty and purity. Its precious beauty secret is concealed in the plant’s regenerating active ingredients that allow it to survive in extreme alpine conditions. Similarly, the revitalising Edelweiss Massage Oil with highly active antioxidants, has a subtle mountain fragrance and intensively protects and tones the skin during treatment.   

In ancient times, pearls were a luxury and represented happiness and prosperity. Their distinctive lustre made them the symbol of beauty, a unique gift from nature. The beauty secret of regenerating mother-of-pearl lies hidden in its precious active ingredients, protecting the shell against the harsh living conditions in the sea.  Similarly, rejuvenating Mother-of-Pearl Massage Oil contains many minerals such as bioactive calcium, amino acids and trace elements. During treatment the oil nurtures and restores the natural elasticity and softness of the skin, and leaves a hint of sea breeze.

Both PINO Massage Oils contain a unique blend of natural oils: rejuvenating soya oil, soothing coconut oil and protective Jojoba oil, to enhance the skin’s elasticity and giving it a velvety smooth feel. The exclusive oil blend, containing bisabolol from camomile plus vitamin E, replenishes and moisturizes.